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Trad. Children Games

Traditional Children Games 2012 - 2014




Hello, My name is Judit Polgar. I teach English and Hungarian in our school and I’m the Hungarian coordinator of this Comenius Project. In my free time I like playing with my son, reading novels, cooking and gardening. :)



Anita Várbiró (TEACHER)

Hi, I’m Anita. I teach English and History in our school. I love international projects and I always take part in them. It’s important for me to meet new people from all over the world and get to know their culture, their life.


Krisztina Gerencsér (TEACHER)

Hi, I'm Krisztina Gerencsér, a teacher of English and French. I love travelling, reading books and watching films and I've already had a lot of fun in international projects. I hope you'll like it, too. :)

Lotti Bérczy

Hi. I am Lotti. I'm 14 years old. I live in a big house with a garden in Ajka. My hobbies are listening to music, chatting on messenger (facebook/skype) and playing volleyball. I love dancing too. I've got 6 puppies and a large dog.

Rebeka Reiner

Hi, my name is Rebi Reiner. I am 13 years old. I live in Ajka. I like computer games. I live in a family house with my parents and my brothers (András and Péter). I usually play the violin. My favourite colours are red and yellow. My hobbies are cycling and listening to music.

Balázs Krápitz

Hi! My name is Balázs. I am 13 years old. My hobby is playing the piano. I like listening to classical music.

Kristóf Ambrus

Hi, My name is Kristof Ambrus. I am 14 years old. My hobby is playing football.

Félix Nagy

Hello! My name is Félix, I’m 13 years old. My hobby is playing computer games and cycling. I like watching films and I also like playing with my dog, Bojti.

Petra Pálfi

Hi! My name is Petra Pálfi. I like dancing, listening to music and hanging out with my friends. I have got a brother and a sister.

Réka Metzger

Hi! My name is Réka Metzger! I like dancing, drawing and hanging out with my friends. I have got a sister.

Pernesz Kinga

Hello! My name is Kinga. I'm 13 years, old. My hobby is riding my bike. I have got 2 dogs, a canary, and a hamster.

Eszter Nemes

My name is Eszter Nemes. I'm 13 years old. My hobbies are playing handball and dancing. I have got blue eyes and fair hair. I have got a dog and a hamster.

Áron Várhelyi

Hi, my name is Áron. I’m a 14-year-old secondary school student living in a detached house with my parents and my two sisters in Ajka. I like reading (sci-fi, fantasy), surfing on the net, skateboarding, hiking, canoeing and cycling, but I am not interested in fashion.

Martin Kiss

My name is Martin. I’m 14 years old. I haven’t got a pet. My hobbies are playing computer games and playing football. I have got a younger brother. His name is Máté.

Julián Tál

Hi, my name is Julian. I am 14 years old. My hobbies are reading books, surfing on the net, hiking and doing judo.


Anna Hoffman

Hi, my name is Anna. My hobbies are folk-dancing and playing the piano. I'm interested in animals as well. My favourite animals are horses.

Tekla Fódi

Hello! My name is Tekla Fódi. I'm 13 years old. My hobby is roller skating. My favourite animals are rabbits and cats. I have got a rabbit and 12 cats. My favourite lessons are English and Art. I like listening to music.:-)

Zsombor Nagy

Hello, my name is Zsombor Nagy. I am 13 years old. I live with my family in Ajka. I have got a brother and a sister. I like cycling.

Áron Horváth

My name is Áron Horváth. My nickname is „BIG”. I’m 14years old. I live in Ajka with my parents and my sisters. I like reading historical books. My parents are teachers but only my mother teaches in the school I attend to. We have got two traditional Hungarian dogs (puli). I like listening to rap, hip-hop, reggae and drum a’ bass. I often play drums and do judo. I am blue belt judoka.


- Barbara Sziva

- Rebeka Punk

- Richárd Kanál


This project primarily aims to make difference to the lives' of the children who have recently been negatively integrated and effected with the computer and other new fashioned tools which have changed the children's behaviours badly and have given harm both socially and intellectually. We would like to remind our customs to our children and teach the traditions of other countries in an attractive way which we call "Traditional Children Games. Lastly, the need for the consciousness of recycling will contribute many positive attitudes to children and raise awareness to the nature by including and motivating them to outdoor activities.

“Traditional Children Games” will be performed by all the partner countries by use of music, lyrics –accompanied with tongue twisters, jingles, children poems of each partner's native language -harmonious movements, recycled tools, and with other activities.

Each partner will determine on two of its traditional games, teach one game online to others, and the other game will be taught and performed by the students of participating countries during the mobilities. Second game must include a recycled tool to be created in the course of visits by all the pupils under the guidance of the teachers.

  • Ice - Breakers
  • Hungarian Folk Evening (with folk dance and goulash soup)
    • http://youtu.be/LyxqJYQCcAA
    • http://youtu.be/tkTdx6Sl0iQ
    • http://youtu.be/x18rxuIPDvE
    • http://youtu.be/MTpryucTPUs
  • A quiz about the Hungarian traditions and stereotypes
  • Creating waste-material boxes
  • Making recycled paper for the Millgame
  • Making pictures from plastic bottle-caps
  • Comenius Logo Contest
  • Making toys from cornhusk
  • Rubik’s - cube competition
  • Workshop in the Town Museum

Project meetings

Meeting in Ajka (Hungary)

Meeting in Pontedeume (Spain)

Meeting in Piekary Slaskie (Poland)

Meeting in Hapsaalu (Estonia)

Meeting in Trabzon (Turkey)

Comenius Final Products

Booklet made by Hungary

Other Partners' Products

Photoalbum compiled by the Spanish Partner


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